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Lady Suro-Myth 2
2023. 11. 10.

hello! This time, I'm going to talk about the myth of Mrs. Suro, but before that, let's find out what kind of myth it is! hehe

1. The myth of Lady Suro

She is Sunjeonggong’s wife. He is the main character of Hyanggain and Wreath Painting. During the reign of King Seongdeok, when Duke Sunjeong took office as the governor of Gangneung, he accompanied him and had lunch at the beach. Next to it, the peak of the rock stood like a folding screen, overlooking the sea. Azalea flowers were in full bloom on a rock a thousand feet high.

When Lady Suro saw it, she asked people, “Who will pick that flower for me?” But they all said no, saying, “It is a place where no human footsteps can reach.”

However, an old man was passing by with a cow, and when he heard the woman's words, he picked some flowers and brought them home, making a wreath and offering them.

At the end of the red rock / Let me put my hand on the cow / If you are not ashamed of me / I will pluck flowers and offer them to you.

Another two days later, while I was having lunch at Limhaejeong, a sea dragon suddenly dragged my wife into the sea. However, Sunjeonggong had no plan.

At this time, an old man said, “In ancient times, it was said that the words of many people could melt objects such as iron, so how could a beast in the sea not be afraid of the mouths of many people?” ) We must gather the people within the precincts. “If you sing a song and hit the hill with a stick, you will find your wife.”

When he did as he said, the dragon came out of the sea carrying his wife and offered her to him.

Turtle, turtle, / Show your head. / If you don’t serve it, / I will grill it and eat it.

When Duke Sunjeong asked what was going on in the sea, the wife answered, “In a palace decorated with seven treasures, the food is sweet and fragrant, but it is not human food.”

At this time, a strange scent emanated from my clothes, something I had never smelled in real life. It is said that because there was no one in the world who could compare his appearance, he was often captured by spirits whenever he passed through deep mountains or ponds.

This is the story... If we take a look at this myth,

2. Examining the myth

Because ironflowers bloom in spring, it was spring at that time.

You can tell! And offering a wreath means scattering flowers, which means the wife has good intentions. And Junggu Saggeum means rumor!

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