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Park Hyeokgeose-Myth 1
2023. 11. 8.


Raise your hand if you have ever heard of the myth of Park Huk Castration!? Haha, this myth is also a really fun myth, but first, I'll tell you what kind of myth it is!

1. The myth of Park Hyeok’s castration

The heads of the six villages of Jinhan gathered at the Alcheon Stream. In order to honor the king, he climbed to a high place and looked far to the south. Then, a white horse with a strange energy like lightning was bowing down at the well called Najeong at the foot of Yangsan Mountain. I went there and looked at the place, and there was a purple egg. When the horse saw the people, it gave a long cry and went up to the sky. When the egg was broken, a boy came out. He was amazed and bathed him in the spring of Dongcheon, where his entire body radiated light. At this time, birds and beasts danced together, the sky and the earth shook, and the sun and moon were clear. Because of this, he was named King Hyeokgeose and his nickname was Geoseolhan. At that time, people were competing to praise him and ask him to find a spouse. On the same day, a Gyeryong appeared at the well of Alyeong in Saryang-ri and gave birth to a baby girl through its left armpit. She had a beautiful appearance, but her lips were like the beak of a chicken. Soon, when I caught seaweed in Bukcheon, Wolseong, the beak of the mouth fell off. A palace was built at the western foot of Namsan Mountain and the two sacred children were worshiped. The boy was born from an egg, and since the egg resembled a gourd, his surname was given as Park. My daughter was named after the well where she was born. When they were thirteen years old, they made each of them king and queen, and named the country Seorabeol, Seobol, Sarah, or Saro. Because the king was born in Gyesan, some called it Gyerimguk, but it was later changed to Silla. King Park Hyeokgeose ruled the country for sixty-one years and ascended to heaven. Seven days later, his body fell to the ground and was scattered. The queen also died, and the people of the country gathered together to bury her, but a large snake appeared and chased the people, preventing them. Therefore, the five bodies were buried in five tombs and named Sarung.

2. If we take a closer look at the myth;

In this myth, from the part where a boy comes out, we can see that in order to become a king, it must be a boy. Also, ascending to heaven means that he came from heaven. And the exact meaning of Seorabeol is still not clear, but some researchers think it means Silla, while others say it means Seoul!

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