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Korean beer brand – Cass
2023. 11. 10.

Foreign friends who like alcohol are expected to be familiar with the Korean beer brand called 'Cass'. Cass is one of the popular liquor brands in Korea and is one of the brands that actively promotes sponsorship and advertising at various events such as concerts and university events.

When you go out drinking with Korean friends, the first thing you think about is choosing a beer, and the beer called 'Cass' can be a hot topic. But do you know why ‘Cas’ is so famous and why Koreans like ‘Cas’? This time, we would like to introduce you to the Korean beer brand ‘Cass’!

Introduction to CAS

Cass is one of Korea's representative beer brands. Cass is a beer brand manufactured and sold by OB Beer since June 1994. It was originally created by Jinro Coors Beer, but after Jinro Group went bankrupt in 1997, it was acquired by OB Beer in March 2001 and the name was changed to Cass Beer. It is done.

Cass won the silver medal for the first time in Korea at the 1995 World Beer Championships. Cass is emphasizing its young and energetic image with the slogan, “Crash, it’s more exciting.”

Source: CASS CASS brand website

Cass produces a variety of beers. For example, Cass Fresh is a lager beer with a refreshing and clean taste. Cass Light is a low-calorie beer characterized by a light taste and low alcohol content. Cass 0.0 is a non-alcoholic beer, with only the alcohol removed through the same raw materials and processes as regular beer.

Cass maintains the No. 1 market share despite the beer war, and is loved by many consumers through various marketing activities.

The unique aroma of Cass beer

Source: I’ll show you something completely different, Cass – The Edit – THE EDIT (

The unique aroma of Cass beer depends on the type and amount of hops. Hops are an important ingredient that determines the aroma and taste of beer, and Cass uses hops from England. British hops have woody, herbal, and earthy aromas, and Cass creates a clean and refreshing beer by appropriately combining the aromas of these hops. The amount of hops in Cass is less than that of other beers, but it has a soft and mild taste. The unique aroma of Cass beer provides refreshing and thrilling feelings to those who enjoy beer.

Reason for popularity

Cass beer is popular for several reasons. First, since 1994, Cass has consistently adapted to the tastes and trends of the younger generation through product innovation and marketing activities. Cass produces a variety of beers that reflect consumer needs while maintaining taste and aroma based on freshness and refreshingness. For example, Cass Fresh, Cass Lite, Cass 0.0, etc. Additionally, Cass emphasized transparency and simplicity by introducing transparent bottles and changing the label design to be concise and bold.

Source: OB Beer's 'Cass' becomes the most popular 'home drink' beer: Nate News (

Second, Cass gained the sympathy and favor of consumers through various marketing activities that reflected the times. CASS presented slogans and advertisements that captured the culture and values ​​of the younger generation, such as ‘The sound of my life’ and ‘Hit with excitement’. In addition, the message of 'time to become real' was delivered through collaboration with figures who symbolize the honesty and confidence of this era, such as Yoon Yeo-jeong, Lee Si-young, and Hayes. Recently, we responded quickly to the COVID-19 situation and carried out on-tact marketing and a campaign appropriate for the With Corona period.

Source: Qingdao in crisis over ‘urine beer’… ‘Cass’ ranked first in popularity of home drinks (

Third, Cass maintains the No. 1 market share despite the beer war. Cass emerged as the best-selling beer in the domestic home beer market in Korea in the third quarter of this year, and its retail market share was 37.89% as of the end of September, the same level as the same period last year. Cass maintains its customers' trust and loyalty despite price competition from other beer brands.

For these reasons, Cass Beer has become a popular beer brand.

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