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Types and legends of Hahoe masks
2023. 11. 17.

Have you heard of Hahoe Mask? Haha, today I will introduce you to the Hahoe mask!

1. What is Hahoe Mask?

Hahoe Mask is a traditional mask worn during the ‘Hahoe New Year’ since the 12th century. This mask originated from Hahoe Village and Byeongsan Village in Gyeongsanbuk-do. It consists of 13 Hahoe mask masks and 2 Byeongsan mask masks. This represents the person needed to perform every role in the ritual. This mask is currently on display at Andong City Museum. Tteokdalgi, Byeolchaetal, and Chonggaktal were lost;

2. The role of Hahoe mask

Chuji (Winged Lion)

Imae (Scholar's Servant): Like the legend of Hahoe Mask, this mask has been handed down without a chin. In the play, he plays the role of a foolish idiot as a scholar's servant.

Gaksital: Generally, it has a quiet and calm expression, but the mouth is tightly closed.

Bune: This is the face that was considered a prerequisite for beauty in traditional society.

Middle: Plays a wandering role.

Nobleman's mask: This is the most representative mask among Hahoe masks. It is said to be the pinnacle of mask art and has an overall gentle expression.

Baekjeong (butcher shop)

Grandmother: Appears as a very poor grandmother.

Chorangi (nobleman's servant)

Tteokdalgi (old man's servant)

Scholar: This is a representative scholar who always has a dissatisfied expression.

Annex (officer)


It is divided like this.

3. There is also a sad story about Hahoe Mask!

Heo Doryeong, who created the Hahoe mask, had a girl he loved. The two met every night, whispered love and promised a future. Then one day, Heo Do-ryeong received a revelation from God to "cut masks to be used in the Byeolshingeuk", took a bath, hung a gold rope outside the door, and started cutting masks. When Heo Doryeong, who came to visit every night, did not come, the beloved girl was so tired of waiting that she forgot that she was a virgin and went to visit Heo Doryeong's house. When we arrived home, the lights were brightly on in Heo Doryeong's room and it seemed popular. Unable to suppress her longing, the girl approached the door and quietly called out to Heo Doryeong, but there was no answer. I tried to open the door, but it was locked and there was no sign of opening it. Thinking badly, the girl used her fingertips to pry open a hole in the door and looked in. Heo Doryeong had completed making 11 masks by then and was making the last remaining imaetal. To complete the mask production, only the chin of this metal mask had to be made. However, when the woman peered through the door, Heo Do-ryeong vomited blood and died on the spot. Therefore, it is said that the Imae Tal is the only one among the Hahoe masks that does not have a chin.

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