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What is herbal medicine?
2023. 11. 17.

Hello everyone, today we would like to learn about Oriental medicine, which has hundreds of years of history. Herbal medicine has become more than just a treatment method, it has become a part of everyday life. In fact, it is said that people who want to protect their immunity take it every day like they take vitamins in the morning. It is considered so important that it has become a science and is taught in universities. The belief in nature's healing power for humans still seems to remain fresh.

1. Meaning of herbal medicine

Also known as Korean ‘herbal medicine’, this branch of science originated in China centuries ago but is also a large part of Korean culture. In the past, in Korea, treatment was done using herbal medicine made from substances such as plant roots, fruits, and tree bark. It has changed little by little according to the characteristics of the times, but has not lost its tradition. It is also a popular product as a gift, especially during holidays such as Chuseok or birthdays.

2. Herbal medicine effects and how to make it

Pills are made by pulverizing herbal medicine tablets and medicinal ingredients into a round shape with honey, flour, grass, water, alcohol, vinegar, beeswax, rice paste, etc., and then making them into tablets of a certain size to make them convenient to take. do. Pills are hard and do not dissolve easily, so the therapeutic effect appears gradually and is very effective in gradually strengthening the body's functions, helping people eat better, and treating paralyzed parts of the body. On the other hand, drugs that are too toxic and difficult to boil or use as powder are sometimes made into pills. Pills made by steaming, such as water or rice cake, are easily dissolved, so they are mainly used to treat diseases in the upper part of the body, while those made from flour or rice do not dissolve well, so they are mainly used to treat diseases in the lower part of the body. Using alcohol, honey, or vinegar Making a pill is to take on the properties of convergence and diffusion. Among the treatments for diseases in the lower part of the body, those for digestive disorders are often made in the size of a mung bean, and those for the treatment of diseases in the upper part of the body are usually made in the size of a very small rice grain.

We explained the meaning, types, and how to make herbal medicine. Well then, have a nice day! Haha

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