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Would you like to go to Gangneung this winter?
2023. 11. 20.

Now the weather is getting colder and winter is approaching this year. When you think of winter, I think most people think of snow. White snow scenery is almost considered a representative scenery of winter, and if you live in Korea, do you know where to visit or what places are good to see snow scenery?

When talking about snow scenes in Korea, I think Gangwon-do cannot be left out, and when talking about Gangwon-do, I think Gangneung cannot be left out. Gangwon-do's snowy scenery is known to be the most beautiful and popular in all of Korea. That's why many travelers visit Gangneung in Gangwon-do to enjoy the snowy scenery. For those of you who want to enjoy the beautiful snow scenery this winter, we would like to introduce you to the snow scenery of Gangneung!

Introduction to Gangneung’s snowy scenery

Gangneung is a city located on the east coast of Gangwon-do, and is famous for its beautiful snowy scenery in winter. We will introduce you to a few places where you can enjoy the snowy scenery of Gangneung.

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Gyeongpo Beach: This is Gangneung's representative beach, where you can see the harmony of the white snow-covered sandy beach and the blue sea. The beach has photo zones such as framed sculptures and duck snowmen, making it great for taking pictures. Near the beach, there are cafes such as Sky Bay Hotel and High Ocean Coffee, where you can enjoy the view while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Source: White Christmas ~Gangneung Ojukheon Snow Scene (

Ojukheon: This is the hometown of Shin Saimdang, and boasts a beautiful snowy landscape with its old house and garden buried in snow. Ojukheon is the oldest building among the cultural assets of Gangneung, and it clearly shows the characteristics of noble houses of the Joseon Dynasty. At Ojukheon, you can admire Shin Saimdang's relics and works, and there are also cultural facilities nearby, such as the Ojukheon Cultural Center and the Ojukheon Literature Museum.

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Naksansa Temple: A representative temple in Gangwon-do, located at the northern foot of Seoraksan Mountain. Naksansa Temple was founded during the Baekje period, and many cultural assets such as national treasures and treasures are preserved. At Naksansa Temple, you can feel the atmosphere of a temple covered in snow, and from observatories such as Uisangdae and Hajodae, you can see the scenery of Naksansa and the East Sea at a glance.

Reason for popularity

The snowy scenery of Gangneung is considered one of the most beautiful places in Korea. I think the reasons why Gangneung’s snow scenery is so popular are as follows.

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Gangneung is a city located on the east coast of Gangwon-do. In winter, the sea and mountains are covered in snow, creating a fantastic scenery. Gangneung's coastline is 28km long and has various beaches, including Gyeongpo Beach, Jumunjin Beach, and Anmok Beach. The harmony between the snow-covered sandy beach and the blue sea is attractive.

Gangneung is a city rich in cultural heritage, including Ojukheon, the hometown of Shin Saimdang, the old house of Heo Nanseolheon, the sister of Heo Gyun, and Gangneung Gyeongpodae. These old houses and gardens are covered in snow, boasting a quiet and elegant snowscape.

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Gangneung is home to Naksansa Temple, located at the northern foot of Seoraksan Mountain. Naksansa Temple is a temple founded during the Baekje period, and has Uisangdae and Hajodae, which offer a panoramic view of the East Sea along with the atmosphere of a temple covered in snow.

The snowy landscape of Gangneung presents a unique and beautiful landscape that combines the sea, mountains, culture, and history. That's why many people visit Gangneung in winter to enjoy the snowy scenery.

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