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Let’s take a look at the new products in January 2024!
2024. 1. 16.

hello everyone! We would like to introduce you to a new product launched in January 2024. Did you know that 2024 is the year of the dragon? Perhaps that is why many products with the image of a blue dragon have been released.

One. New product for January 2024; Starbucks Blue Dragon Earl Gray Chiffon Cake, Blue Dragon Hazelnut Latte

First of all, isn’t the color so impressive?! Latte is a cup of coffee with a strong Earl Gray and hazelnut flavor and a deep flavor. The Earl Gray Chiffon Cake is a cake with a cute blue dragon on top of white whipped cream. I think there were a lot of reviews saying that it goes really well with Americano because it's sweet. Everyone, please try it once.

2. New product in January 2024; McDonald's Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie

This product was released for a limited time in early 2020, but has been re-released again after 4 years. The store price is 2,500 won, and it contains cream cheese and sour raspberry syrup. This pie has the crispiness of the pie and is topped with cream cheese and raspberry jam.

McDonald's Raspberry Cream Cheese Pie, limited edition winter sale 2018 | Hypebeast.KR | Hype Beast

and! Did you know that McDonald's Happy Meals are getting a lot of attention these days? Let's play McDonald's, which was launched in December 2023, is said to be so popular that it continues to be sold out. Play McDonald's is available for purchase until January 17, 2024.

What's New > Happy Meal of the Month | McDonald's

3. New product in January 2024; Krispy Kreme Donut Yong Series

Krispy Donuts! Do you like it too? We have launched a new product to celebrate the Year of the Blue Dragon in 2024. The new product is called “Good Luck” and “Make a Wish”? Isn't the name so cute? Haha. The "Make a Wish" donut contains milk cream, and the "Make a Wish" donut is said to have a hazelnut chocolate flavor.

New menus related to strawberries, such as Confucius' Strawberry Vanilla Jewelry Milk Tea, were launched, and Dunkin Donuts also launched a new menu using strawberries. Perhaps because strawberries are delicious in winter, many new menu items using strawberries are released. Everyone, enjoy the new strawberry menu!

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