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The process of learning Korean
2024. 1. 10.

There are so many of you who want to learn Korean haha, I was like that at one time too. I was in high school when I decided to learn Korean. Of course, that was when Korean Wave culture first exploded and I became interested. I actually learned Korean through songs. I practiced by writing down the song lyrics on a piece of paper and slowly starting to read the song lyrics, learning the alphabet one by one. So, for those of you who don't know Korean yet but want to learn, I will tell you where and how to start. hehe

1-Learn Korean through songs

Learning Hangul through songs is actually recommended by many experts. You can learn not only Korean but any language through songs. Write down the lyrics of a song you like or listen to often on a piece of paper. You can also write the Korean alphabet down on paper or look at it on your phone. After doing that, you can learn more easily by looking at the words one by one and practicing what kind of letter this letter is, how it is used, etc. Learning through songs is more fun and interesting, so I think you will be able to learn while concentrating more. hehe

2- Download the book file in your native language

This is also not difficult. If you search on the Internet for “Korean books for beginners,” you will find several books that you can download. However, it is also important what field you want to study. Examples include grammar, listening, writing, and reading. However, it is better to study grammar first. To understand, you must first know the sentence structure of the language. Next, I think it would be a good idea to listen. Because if you listen, you can pronounce more accurately and know which part to raise when asking a question. I recommend that you continue reading. Now that you understand the alphabet, you should read more and more. It is best to practice writing last. It's hard to form sentences or write right now haha.

3- The importance of drama

Drama seems to be really important for learning languages. No matter how much you don't understand, when you listen to everyday conversations, you think, "Ah, this is how people use these expressions in these situations." It will be more effective if you watch dramas together while learning Korean. Because when what I learned appears in a drama, I practice it. By repeating this, you will understand better haha.

yes That's it for now. I think the three most useful things in learning a language are the ones mentioned above. I hope this helps, and please start with the song haha.


have a good day! lol

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