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January Seoul Exhibition
2024. 1. 10.

Let us introduce the exhibition held in Seoul in January. Have fun! hehe

1-The moment you meet a new you! 《AHA, MOMENT》Exhibition

This exhibition will be held in Insa-dong at a gallery called Jeju Gallery. This exhibition is said to be comprised of the works of currently active young artists Lagoon-seon and Park Soo-chae. The two authors deliver their own unique perspectives and messages on the subject of the emotions that arise from human behavior and experience and the time when those emotions change.

The exhibition title 'Aha, Moment' is an emotional response that suddenly recognizes a deep understanding and new perspective on a specific situation or concept. This exhibition was designed to reflect on how the emotions we feel clash and fit together in our consciousness in a rapidly changing modern society through the works of two artists. Any visitor can participate in ‘Drawing My Emotional Curve’ regardless of time during the gallery operation period. Additionally, a meeting with the artist where you can view and communicate with the artist about his or her work will be held on Wednesday, January 24th at 14:00. The exhibition will be open for free starting from Friday, January 12th until Monday, January 29th. hehe

2- Goryeo Myeong’s solo exhibition 《THE PODO》

The exhibition opening ceremony will be held at Geumsan Gallery on Tuesday, January 16th at 5pm. The exhibition will be held at Geumsan Window Gallery from Wednesday, January 3, 2024 to Monday, January 22, 2024. In this exhibition, you can admire eight photographic works by the artist who wishes to feel the beauty through the energy and vitality contained in the works without implying or forcing anything on the audience and wants to communicate empathy, and presents small objects the size of the palm of your hand that have become gigantic. The sense of heterogeneity that the audience will feel when seeing it in front of their eyes will provide a unique shock.

3-Résonance Végétale Smoke with your body

In June last year, the art Salon de Assi Gallery successfully settled in the financial district of Yeouido by introducing it through a re-exhibition through the opening project <Salon de Assiwa>. We are preparing a total of four <Duo Exhibitions> as a project in the first half of 2024. The < Résonance Végétale Smoking with the Body > will be held at the Art Salon de Assy Gallery in Yeouido from January 23 to February 21, 2024. The two-person exhibition by French painter Camille MERCANDELLI-PARK and her husband, Park Woo-jung, a Korean photographer studying abroad in France, is an example of the creative symbiosis of the media of photography and painting and the work worlds of two artists in different fields. It's an exhibition. It's free.

Next time, I will introduce the exhibition again. I hope you have fun. hehe

Let us introduce the exhibition held in Seoul in January. Have fun! hehe

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