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What are some Korean real dating programs? Let’s find out together!
2024. 1. 16.

hello! Today, I will introduce you to a famous dating program in Korea. Since I'm on vacation these days, I watch Korean dating programs on my laptop every once in a while, and it's so much fun! I also understand why my Korean friends keep recommending it to me!! If you have time, please watch it!

One. Korean real dating program; heart signal

The Heart Signal series is really famous, right?! This is a reality program in which the men and women who move into Signal House get to know each other, while celebrity forecasters pursue the psychology of the residents. I also watched the entire Heart Signal series, and I think I enjoyed watching all seasons very much. I recommend Heart Signal.

2. Korean real dating program; solo hell

Season 3 of “Solo Hell,” in which you have to become a couple with someone to escape hell and go to heaven, is airing on Netflix starting in December 2023. As soon as season 3 was released, the cast also became a big hit. I think the big point of this season was that the program took place in two hells at the same time.

3. Korean real dating program; Transit love

Is it really wrong to break up with your lover and immediately find a new lover? How long does it take to form a new relationship after breaking up? The dating program "Transit Love" is about separated couples meeting new relationships while staying in one house.

4. Korean real dating program; I am SOLO

This is a dating program where single men and women who desperately want to get married come together to find their own love. “I’m Solo” is available on SBS or now on Netflix. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch it yet, so I definitely want to watch it before the end of this winter vacation!

5. Korean real dating program; Dolsingles

This is a program in which divorced men and women appear to find new love by going from dating to living together. It is said that some couples successfully remarried through “Idol Singles.”

Which program do you like? Personally, I think I watched “Heart Signal” over and over again because I was most excited and liked it! And recently, the program ‘Love Continues’ is said to be popular! ‘Love Continues’ contains the current status of the cast of ‘I Am SOLO’ after the broadcast! I say this is a must-watch program for those who like SOLO!

That's it for today! Be sure to watch it too!

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