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Driving Guide in Korea for International Students: Introduction to how to obtain an international driver's license and a Korean driver's license
2024. 1. 12.

hello! Today, I would like to introduce information about driving in Korea for international students.

International students who want to drive in Korea can do so in two main ways.

1. Use of international driver’s license

One of the most common ways for international students to start driving in Korea is through an international driver's license. An international driver's license can be issued in the student's home country, which means a driver's license issued in accordance with the International Convention on Road Traffic. If you possess this license, you can drive a vehicle valid for one year from the date of entry into the Republic of Korea.

But there is a caveat. The use of an international driver's license is restricted if you have a physical disability that impedes safe driving, refuse or fail a safety test, or cause an intentional traffic accident. China is not part of the International Driver's License Agreement, so caution is required.

2. Obtaining a Korean driver’s license

The second method is to obtain a driver's license directly in Korea. International students can also obtain a driver's license by taking the driver's license test conducted in Korea. The test can be taken at a driver's license testing center or a driving academy, and consists of an aptitude test, department test, skills test, and road driving test.

If you already have a driver's license from a foreign country, you may be exempt from some subjects. Foreign license holders from countries that recognize Korean licenses can be exempted from the departmental test, skills test, and road driving test. If those are not recognized, they can be exempt from the skills test and road driving test.


You must bring your driver's license with you when driving, and present it to a police officer whenever requested. Foreigners who entered the country illegally and drive with an international driver's license are considered driving without a license, so caution is required.

Today, we shared detailed information on obtaining a driver's license for international students. We hope you enjoy safe driving and a pleasant study abroad life. If you need additional information about health insurance, please refer to the link . I hope you have a good study abroad life!

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