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What new convenience stores will be available in January 2024?!
2024. 1. 23.

hello. Today, we will introduce a new convenience store product released in January 2024. Every time I go to a convenience store, there are a lot of new products, so it's fun just looking around the store. What do you think? Are you curious about what products were released in January 2024?!

One. Convenience store new product recommendations for January 2024; Jumbo Black Crispy Half and Half Hot Dog

This is a huge hot dog, about twice the size of a standard hot dog! It seems to be a good hot dog for a simple breakfast or snack, and if you microwave it and eat it, the cheese will increase and it will be completely delicious. This is a hot dog that you can enjoy in two flavors: cheese and sausage.

2. Recommendation of new convenience store products in January 2024; Shinhyeong’s unique kimchi kalguksu to relieve your stomach

It seems that new products in the Crayon Shinchan series are released every month, but this month, persimmon kalguksu was released! The soup is spicy and the kimchi inside has a slightly sour taste, so it goes well with the soup. Although it is an instant food, there were many reviews saying that the taste and quality of the noodles were high. Everyone, try warm kimchi kalguksu in cold weather!

3. Recommendation of new convenience store products in January 2024; Yonsei Cookie & Whipped Cream Bread

Have you tried the Yonsei Milk Bread Series? It is said to be one of the products that foreigners who travel to Korea always buy at convenience stores! I often bought this bread out of curiosity because it was a product I often saw on Instagram and social media. This time, a new bread filled with cookies and cream has been released! It's delicious enough to eat on its own, but if you freeze it, you can eat it like ice cream!

4. Recommendation of new convenience store products in January 2024; Yonsei Strawberry Milk Roll Cake

These days, it seems like roll cakes are always available at any convenience store. Have you tried them? I guess roll cakes are very popular in Korea too! Rule Cake has been released in the Yonsei Bread Series! There is cream and strawberry jam inside, but the cream and strawberry jam are not mixed, but are contained separately, making it even more delicious.

5. Recommendation of new convenience store products in January 2024; Ancient Chocolate Whipped Cream Mont Blanc

What’s next for Yonsei Bread?! It's ancient bread, right? The newly released Ancient Chocolate Whipped Cream Mont Blanc has a chocolate coating on top and chocolate cream inside. It is a light cream that you can enjoy without feeling burdened, and this bread is recommended for those who like chocolate.

That's it for today! Everyone, good luck in January too!

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