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How Korean international students spend their vacation in Korea
2024. 1. 23.

hello everyone! Are you enjoying your winter vacation? There must be many international students staying at their home abroad during the vacation. Where are you staying? Today I will introduce how I spend my vacation in Korea!

One. How to Spend Winter Vacation in Korea; Part-time job/intern

During the normal semester, the time you can invest in part-time work is short, and finding a part-time job may not be easy! I don't think it would be a bad idea to gain part-time work experience during vacation time when I have free time, so I am working part-time during vacation time.

In addition to school classes, working part-time helps me study Korean, and I think it is a great help to me because I can experience working part-time in Korea. There are many things to experience while working with Korean people, and I think part-time work experience is especially necessary for those who are thinking about getting a job in Korea.

2. How to spend your vacation in Korea; Obtaining Certification

In particular, for those who want to get a job in Korea, having TOEIC or TOPIC as well as professional certifications and computer certifications will be of great help in getting a job. During the semester, I often can't focus on other studies because I'm busy with school work or assignments, so I'm using my vacation to study for certification! And the department at the university I am attending requires a TOPIK score as a graduation requirement. I am also using this winter vacation to study the topic diligently!

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3. How to spend your winter vacation in Korea; Go on a domestic trip to Korea

While you were studying abroad in Korea, haven't you ever thought about traveling within Korea at least once? There are many fun and diverse travel destinations in Korea, including Seoul and Busan, right?! How about taking a domestic trip with your friends during your vacation?

I have always dreamed of going on a trip to Jeju Island, and I finally went on a trip to Jeju Island during my vacation! I think it was an unforgettable trip of my life as I was healed and ate a lot of delicious food as there was plenty of nature as well as the sea!

4. How to spend your winter vacation in Korea; Semester planning, goal setting

This may be a personal opinion, but before every new semester starts, make a plan for the semester and make the most of the semester! I think it's really important! There is a clear difference in the quality of life between having a goal and not having a goal, and I feel like I feel joy and confidence when I achieve my goal, so I set a goal every semester. And when I set a goal, I think I start with simple things that I can do, and after the end of the semester, I think about whether I achieved the goal, what the problem was, and how to solve it, and try to do it again next semester. Each person has a different method, so find the method that suits you!

I hope you all have fun during your winter break! Thank you for reading until the end today!

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