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A feast of Buddhism in downtown Seoul: Experience the beauty of the city through a serene temple tour
2024. 1. 22.

In the heart of downtown Seoul, there are beautiful temples with Buddhist history. Starting from Bongeunsa Temple to small but historic temples, we will introduce you to exotic places to relax in the city.

1. Bongeunsa Temple

Bongeunsa Temple is a special place that is easily accessible from downtown Seoul. This temple, located in Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu, was founded during the Silla Dynasty and was known as a center for the revival of Buddhism during the Joseon Dynasty. In a city surrounded by buildings, it is located near Tehran Road, where tall buildings are located, so it is easily accessible by subway. Bongeunsa Temple's spacious grounds provide a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life, and are especially crowded with the colorful Lotus Lantern Festival on Buddha's Birthday. However, if you want a quieter setting, you may want to visit on a weekday or weekend.

2. Jogyesa Temple

Jogyesa Temple, located in downtown Seoul along with Bongeunsa Temple, is very small, but has a beautiful main hall, a bookstore selling Buddhist books, and a restaurant where you can enjoy Buddhist food. A huge Iljumun Gate with a plaque at Jogyesa Temple, the headquarters of Korean Buddhism, decorates the entrance, allowing you to feel the depth of history. Jogyesa Temple is also famous as Natural Monument No. 9, where white pine trees grow.

3. Gilsangsa Temple

Founded in 1997, Gilsangsa Temple has a short history, but is a temple that feels like a theme park in the city. It was built with Kim Young-han, the owner of the fairy, donating all the buildings and land, and is characterized by faded dancheong and cute decorations. Gilsangsa Temple also has a library and is known as a complex cultural space where you can relax and read.

4. Bottasa

Although small in size, Bottasa Temple is full of treasures and boasts a huge rock-carved Bodhisattva seated statue measuring approximately 5 meters and a gorgeous gilt-bronze seated Bodhisattva statue, which is Treasure No. 1818. This small temple is located in the city center, convenient to public transportation, and allows you to admire art from the Goryeo period.

5. Bongwonsa Temple

Bongwonsa Temple is the head temple of the Taego Order of Korea and is a historic temple rebuilt during the Joseon Dynasty. It has high historical value as it has faded Dancheong and a plaque handwritten by Jeong Do-jeon, who was closely related to the founding of the Joseon Dynasty. Bongwonsa Temple is famous for its lotus flowers, and you can think about the meaning of life while admiring the lotus flowers.

How about a trip to visit exotic temples in Seoul, take a walk, and meditate? It will be a wonderful experience to enjoy quiet moments in a peaceful city center.

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