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Guide for foreigners working in Korea: A new beginning with the Employment Permit System
2024. 1. 24.

🌏 Hello, everyone! Today, I will share valuable information for foreigners working in Korea. There are many reasons why foreigners come to Korea, and many of them are for the purpose of employment. For example, broadcaster Alberto Monda also visited Korea to work. However, sometimes problems such as human rights violations or wage theft occur.

🤝 The government is implementing a policy called the ‘Employment Permit System’ to solve these problems and protect foreign workers. Now let’s learn about this policy together.

🌐 What is the Employment Permit System?

The Employment Permit System is a system that allows companies that cannot find domestic workers to legally hire foreign workers. Through this, we systematically introduce and manage foreign workers, alleviating the problem of domestic manpower shortage and contributing to the national economy. This system includes the ‘General Employment Permit System’ and the ‘Special Employment Permit System’.

🌈 General Employment Permit System and Special Employment Permit System

  • General Employment Permit System: Mainly employs foreign workers from 16 countries, including China and the Philippines, who are employed with non-professional employment (E-9) status after passing the Korean language test.
  • Special Employment Permit System: This allows employers of designated businesses or workplaces to hire foreign compatriots with permission, taking into account the characteristics of each industry.

👣 General Employment Permit System employment procedures

  1. Take the Korean Language Proficiency Test (80 points or higher)
  2. Create a list of foreign job seekers and conduct health checkups
  3. Signing of a standard employment contract
  4. Implementation of pre-employment training and employment training
  5. Placed at the workplace and started working

🚀 Special Employment Permit System employment procedures

  1. Foreign compatriots enter the country after issuing a work visit (H-2) visa.
  2. Conduct domestic employment training before employment
  3. Apply for a job at the employment center
  4. Signing of a standard employment contract
  5. Report change of workplace and report to immigration office

💡 Precautions and protection policy

Foreign workers must have mandatory insurance to protect their lives and property. The government is trying to make it possible to sign up at minimal cost. Also, keep in mind that workers under the Employment Permit System are permitted to work up to three times for certain reasons if they find it difficult to continue working without a justifiable reason.

🌐 In conclusion

The Employment Permit System is an important policy that protects foreign workers and solves the problem of domestic manpower shortage. I hope that you will find this information so that you can work in a better environment, and I hope that Korea will become fit for the global era. For more information, please refer to the Employment Permit System website . Let’s create a happy daily life together! 🌟

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