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Guide to working visas for foreigners at a glance: From visas with restrictions to visas that are free!
2024. 1. 26.

hello everyone! 🌟

Today, I will share useful information for international students. I would like to talk about visas related to employment. 🌍✈️

Visa with restrictions on employment

C-4 (short-term work visa)

The C-4 visa is a visa for short-term employment of less than 90 days. If you want to work in various fields such as models, instructors, and athletes, you need documents at the level of an E-7 visa.

D-10 (Job-seeking visa)

You can stay for 6 months on a visa for job seeking or starting a technology business. After 2019, a point system will be introduced, requiring specific qualifications.

E-9, E-6, E-10 visas

E-9 (professor), E-6 (arts and entertainment), and E-10 (sailor employment) visas allow employment only in the relevant field, and the period of stay is different for each.

E-7 (Special Activities Visa)

This visa is given to professionals engaged in specific activities, and there are requirements to verify possession of a degree or experience.

E-9 (Non-professional activity work visa)

This is a visa in accordance with the Act on Employment of Foreign Workers. You can stay for 3 years and get a job under the Employment Permit System.

F-4 (Overseas Korean Visa)

Qualifications to be recognized as overseas Koreans have been expanded, and can be obtained if various conditions are met, but simple labor is not possible.

H-2 (Visit Work Visa)

This visa is issued to compatriots, is only available in certain industries, and allows employment only at companies that have issued a certificate of special employment.

Visa with no restrictions on employment

F-2 (Residence Visa)

This visa is given to foreigners who wish to stay long-term in Korea, and its characteristic is that there are no restrictions on employment. You can obtain it by scoring 90 points or more out of a total of 125 points, taking into account age, education, Korean language skills, etc.

F-5 (Permanent Resident Visa)

It is a free visa with no restrictions on employment and no need to renew the period of stay, and has benefits such as earning a living and exercising voting rights, but it must be taken into account that the conditions for issuance are strict.

F-6 (marriage immigrant visa)

This is a visa received by a foreign spouse who is married to a Korean citizen. Although it is a special status, it allows all employment activities and can be converted to an F-5 visa.

It is important to choose the one that suits you among the various visas. I hope you enjoy your life in Korea as well as finding a job, and I look forward to a lively daily life with you! 🌈✨

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