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Domestic employment procedures for special foreigners
2024. 1. 26.

Today, I would like to tell you about the special foreign employment procedures in Korea. Employment and employment in Korea are accomplished through several steps, which we will take a look at together.

1. Employment Visit (H-2) Entry

First, in order to enter the country for work visit (H-2), a Korean national with foreign nationality must obtain a work visit (H-2) visa from a diplomatic mission abroad and enter the country, or a Korean national with foreign nationality (age 18 or older) staying in Korea must visit the immigration office. You can change your status of residence to employment (H-2).

2. Completion of employment training

When a special foreign worker wishes to work in a permitted industry such as the service industry, he or she must receive employment training necessary for domestic activities at a foreign employment training institution (Human Resources Development Service of Korea) before employment. The training content consists of various topics such as understanding Korean culture, the Employment Permit System, and the Labor Standards Act.

3. Job application and placement

Special foreign workers who wish to work in permitted industries such as the service industry must apply for employment at the local employment and labor office. You can apply for a business in Korea or obtain it directly, and it is valid for one year.

4. Conclusion of standard employment contract

After employers and workers agree on working conditions, they draft a standard labor contract to protect the rights and interests of foreign workers and prevent labor relations. Issuance of a special employment availability certificate must be issued first.

5. Report of start of work

If a business or workplace concludes a standard employment contract with a special foreign worker, the start of work must be reported to the employment center within 14 days. The processing results are sent to other ministries for processing.

In addition, special foreign workers who wish to work in the construction industry must obtain a construction industry employment certificate. For more detailed information on procedures and costs, please contact the Human Resources Development Service of Korea for assistance.

It is a process of finding employment through various stages, but with a friendly support agency, you will be able to safely realize your dream in Korea. good luck! 🌟

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