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Settlement for part-time work and study abroad in Korea
2024. 1. 31.

Hello~ Have you ever wanted to come to Korea as an international student and work part-time? Do you happen to know how to do it? Today, we are going to look at information about finding a job and employment in Korea.

1. Start your adventure in Korea: Entering the country as a visiting employment worker (H-2)

First, if you want to find work in Korea, you need an employment visit (H-2) visa. Friends coming from abroad can get one issued at a diplomatic mission abroad, and if they are already in Korea, they can change their residency status at the immigration office. Let’s get started comfortably!

2. Adaptation to life in Korea: Completion of employment training

Before looking for a job, it is a good idea to receive the necessary employment training in Korea. The training content prepared for you includes Korean culture, the Employment Permit System, and the Labor Standards Act. It will help you adapt well to your new environment!

3. Finding your dream job: Job application and placement

To find a job, you must apply for a job at the local employment and labor office. After receiving training, a job application submitted by a foreign employment training institution is also valid. Try to find a job you like!

4. Work-life balance: Signing of a standard employment contract

To make a valuable promise to the job you have found, you must sign a standard employment contract. Through this, you can prevent unnecessary problems and protect your labor rights. It will help you work with peace of mind!

5. Announce the start of work: Report the start of work

If you find a job, the employer must report the start of work to the employment center within 14 days. Now that the Ministry of Employment and Justice and the Ministry of Justice have implemented unification of work start reporting, you only have to report to one place and the processing results will be sent to other ministries for processing.

Additionally, if you want to work in the construction industry, you will need a construction employment certificate, so please take note!

We hope that your job search journey will now feel more familiar, and we hope that good luck will always be with you! 🚀✨

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