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The process of making Taegeukgi
2024. 1. 31.

hello? Today, I will explain how Taegeukgi, the current national flag of the Republic of Korea, was created.

1.Who was the first person to draw the Taegeukgi?

There was no Joseon flag at that time. While discussions on the first trade deal between Joseon and Japan continued, I asked why Japan attacked Joseon when it had a Japanese flag on it. At that time, Joseon did not even know what its national flag was. After this incident, the Imo Rebellion broke out and the Joseon army attacked Japan. Because Japan suffered damage due to the Imo Military Rebellion, Joseon was once again looked down upon by Japan. The Joseon government sent an envoy under the leadership of Park Yeong-hyo to apologize to Japan after the Imo Rebellion. I left for Japan with Park Young-hyo and others. It is said that Park Yeong-hyo drew Taegeuk, or the yin-yang shape and the four trigrams, while on his way to Japan. It is said that Taegeukgi was used for the first time in this incident.

2. When was Taegeukgi accepted?

It is said that the person who actually drew the Taegeukgi was King Gojong. It is said that the reason Park Yeong-hyo painted Taegeuk and Sagwa was done at the order of King Gojong. It is also said that Taegeukgi was officially accepted as the national flag of Joseon in 1883.

3.Who is Park Young-hyo?

Park Yeong-hyo was a member of the radical enlightenment faction who believed that Joseon should accept not only Western technology but also modernism for development, and implement an enlightenment policy like Japan's Meiji Restoration.

4.Who is King Gojong?

King Gojong was one of the kings of Joseon who sat on the throne from 1863 to 1907. King Gojong, who sat on the throne when he was young, became regent for his father, King Gojong, Heungseon Daewongun, who was still young. However, after the Imo Rebellion, he sat on the throne again and married Queen Min.

5. Taegeukgi symbol and meaning

The upper left side symbolizes the sky and the right side symbolizes water. The lower left side symbolizes fire, and the right side symbolizes earth.

In this article, I explained about Taegeukgi, Park Yeong-hyo, King Gojong, etc. I hope this helps.

have a good day! lol

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