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Life as a foreign student in Korea: A more friendly path to employment and settlement!
2024. 1. 31.

hello everyone! This is news for foreign friends who have started studying abroad in Korea! It seems like the government is announcing a new policy to provide more support to international students. Let’s find out together!

First of all, the government decided to increase the number of foreign students in Korea to 300,000 by 2027. Well, I think this will make your study abroad life in Korea more enjoyable! And surprisingly, it is said that foreigners who have become familiar with Korea through studying abroad find it easier to work and live in Korea.

Now I can live more conveniently by studying abroad at a local university. The government plans to provide ‘region-specific visas’ for international students and increase opportunities to work at local companies after graduation. If we do this, international students will be able to participate more actively in Korean society, right?

In addition, the government plans to create an 'Overseas Talent Attraction Strategy Task Force (TF)' in which local governments, universities, and companies participate together to provide one-stop support for foreigners from admission to employment and settlement in Korea. Now, many foreign students are returning to their home countries, and we are providing support so that these people can stay in the country for a long time.

It is said that opportunities for foreign students to work at local companies with a shortage of labor will increase. By doing this, our companies will be able to acquire the necessary skills, stay in the country longer, and solve the labor shortage problem.

In addition, various benefits have been provided to make studying abroad in Korea more convenient. Part-time work hours increased, from 25 to 30 hours per week, and field training hours increased from 25 hours per week to 40 hours per week. In addition, international student internships are also possible in areas other than your major during vacation. As the Korean language proficiency standard has been lowered, making it easier to enter school, I think life in Korea will become more enriching.

Lastly, plans have been made to attract overseas science and engineering talent. Now, international students from various countries will have more scholarship opportunities. We are also planning to create a center to attract international students through the ‘Korean Education Center’, which will be installed in 43 locations around the world.

These various policies have been introduced to create a more comfortable environment for international students. We hope that you will enjoy a happier and more successful study abroad life in your future journey! Let's fight together! 🌟

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