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Let me introduce you to Jeju’s UNESCO Triple Crown Winner!
2024. 2. 6.

hello everyone! nice to meet you! Today, I will introduce Jeju, one of the world's few 'UNESCO Triple Crown Winners'. Let’s take a look at how Jeju earned the reputation of being a ‘World Natural Heritage’ during its 10-year journey.

First of all, the first time Jeju appeared on the UNESCO stage was when it was selected as a biosphere reserve in 2002. A biosphere reserve is a place where areas with high ecological value are preserved in accordance with the UNESCO Human and Biosphere Program. The Jeju Biosphere Reserve covers approximately 43.6%, or almost half, of the total area of ​​Jeju, and Hallasan National Park and Yeongcheon and Hyodoncheon Natural Reserves are designated as core conservation areas.

In 2007, the volcanic island of Jeju received global attention as it was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site. At this time, Jeju’s beautiful scenery and unique geological value were recognized. Through the World Natural Heritage registration, Jeju's Hallasan Mountain Natural Reserve, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, and Geomun Oreum Lava Tube System were registered as 'Jeju Volcanic Islands and Lava Tubes.' As a result, Jeju has become one of the world's leading natural heritage areas.

And in November 2009, Jeju received another honor. This time, it was the moment it was registered as a World Geopark and won the ‘UNESCO Triple Crown’. The purpose of the World Geopark is to contribute to regional development by protecting areas of outstanding geological value and stimulating tourism.

In this way, Jeju achieved the honor of becoming a world-class natural heritage site by hitting three consecutive home runs as a Biosphere Reserve, a World Natural Heritage Site, and a World Geopark. These three UNESCO awards can be said to be proof of how precious Jeju is, right?

Jeju, which won these titles, remains a proud place for us. We look forward to continuing to protect Jeju’s beautiful nature and heritage and share it with many people! Let’s experience the beauty of Jeju together and create memories of your trip. It will be a fun trip! 😊🌿

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