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BEST 6 Korean foods loved by foreigners
2024. 2. 6.

hello everyone! Today, I will introduce you to the BEST 6 Korean foods that foreigners like. When you travel, the food of that country is really important. In particular, Korean food is popular among foreigners due to its variety of types and cooking methods. So, shall we now find out about Korean food that foreigners love?

The first is Samgyetang and Chicken Hanmali. Boiled chicken dishes are well-known around the world, so they are well-received by foreigners without much resistance. In particular, Samgyetang and Chicken Hanmari are so famous that they even appear in Japanese dramas. Chicken Hanmali is simple and has only potatoes and green onions, so it has a clean taste, and it is also unique in that it is eaten with kalguksu (noodle soup) at the end.

Next is Budae Jjigae! In Korea, Spam is consumed the third most widely in the world compared to the United States, and Budae Jjigae is a dish made by seasoning and boiling Spam with various ingredients. Recently, Spam headquarters introduced Korean Budae Jjigae and it received high praise. Budaejjigae may have a strong spicy taste, but you can see foreigners enjoying it when eating it in travel destinations such as Myeongdong.

Soft tofu stew is a spicy stew made with soft tofu as the main ingredient. Foreigners may find it difficult because of the spicy soup, but surprisingly, many people like it. It is especially popular in Japan, where soft tofu and various ingredients are combined for a pleasant taste.

Pork belly is similar to barbecue, and foreigners are amazed at the way it is grilled directly on a grill on a round table. When eating pork belly, kimchi, mushrooms, garlic, and onions on the side look colorful and pretty, but are also delicious.

Ssamjang is the best friend of pork belly and is a sauce that is attractive to foreigners due to its harmonious combination of sweet, salty, and savory flavors. Korean-style ssamjang was even introduced in the New York Times and is recognized as a representative Korean sauce.

Lastly, seasoned chicken is one of the foods that has become popular around the world due to the chicken and beer craze. In foreign countries, chicken is considered a simple and cheap food, but in Korea, seasoned chicken is fried and dipped in various sauces, providing a fresh experience.

Today, we introduced the BEST6 foods that foreigners like. If you have a foreign friend coming over, how about trying the foods on this list together? I'm sure you'll love it, whether you like it or not! Have a nice Korean food trip!

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