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Korea’s hidden taste ‘Bossam’
2024. 2. 6.

hello everyone! Today I will introduce you to one of Korea’s hidden flavors. It is ‘Bossam’. There are so many diverse and delicious foods in Korea, so many foreigners come to enjoy the food. In particular, many of my friends from Japan fell in love with Korean food after traveling to Korea because it was close and inexpensive. When I first came to Korea in my third year of college, I had very little knowledge about Korea. However, a summer program I discovered by chance at school was what introduced me to Korea.

When I first came to Korea, communication was not easy because I did not understand the language. But the surprising thing is that Korea is one of the places where food is the most enjoyable. The taste is the best for the price! One of the most surprising points is that when you order at a restaurant, side dishes are provided for free and refills are available. So I fell in love with the fantasy of Korean food and thought that I really wanted to visit Korea again. And a year later, I left for Korea again with my mother. From then on, Korea was no longer a travel destination but became like a second home to me.

Among Korean foods, there are many dishes using a variety of meats, but among them, foods using pork especially stand out. There are a variety of menus ranging from bulgogi, galbijjim, and seolleongtang to chicken samgyetang, steamed chicken, dakgalbi, and my favorite pork pork belly, pork ribs, and gamjatang. Among these, I would like to introduce a food that I have recently fallen madly in love with. That is ‘Bossam’.

I always passed by a bossam restaurant near my house that was crowded with customers. However, I hesitated because the atmosphere felt a bit strong to go in alone. One day, an opportunity arose with a friend and I finally went. And it tasted amazing! Boiled pork is sliced ​​thinly and wrapped with lettuce. It becomes even more delicious when eaten with kimchi. The fantastic combination of tender meat and fresh vegetables is truly a taste thief.

When coming to Korea, many people first think of samgyeopsal, but you should definitely try bossam at least once. Since the pork is boiled, it has less fat than pork belly and is good for your health. And the juice that comes from the tender meat is truly the best. If you have foreign friends who have been to Korea a few times but haven't tried Bossam yet, be sure to try it on this trip! Bossam, one of Korea's representative foods, will definitely fascinate you.

Well, I hope you all enjoy delicious travel and food, and goodbye! 😊

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