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The charm of Korean makeup is a hot topic overseas! Foreigners who are into K-beauty
2024. 2. 14.

hello everyone! Today, we will talk about the ‘Korean makeup method’ that is causing a craze overseas. Recently, as the styles of K-pop female idols such as Blackpink, Ive, and New Jeans have become very popular around the world, interest in 'Korean idol makeup' in particular has exploded.

As interest in 'K-beauty', which mimics the unique and attractive makeup styles shown by Korean idols, has increased, challenge videos with the theme of 'Korean makeup' are sweeping social media overseas. In particular, videos of people imitating the makeup of Jang Won-young, a member of the popular girl group Ive, stand out on TikTok.

Recently, interest in 'K-beauty' products has increased among foreign tourists, and cosmetics have emerged as one of the most popular products after clothing. Foreigners who have tried Korean cosmetics say they prefer ‘Korean products’ that are natural yet unique.

In addition, Nahof, a blogger active in Korea, enjoys Korean-style makeup on his blog and mentions that makeup that emphasizes aegyo-sal shows innocence. Korean makeup is evaluated as 'maximizing the strengths of the face by expressing facial features without being too dark,' and is loved by foreigners of various nationalities.

Numerous videos are uploaded to video sharing platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram using search terms such as 'Korean makeup' and 'Korean idol makeup', allowing foreign women to try out various makeup using Korean cosmetics and create their own unique makeup. I'm looking for style.

In particular, American YouTuber Dasha Taran is obsessed with Korean-style makeup and is gaining popularity, amassing 1.76 million subscribers. Curiosity and passion for Korean makeup methods are growing overseas.

As Korean makeup has become one of the global trends, I think the reason foreigners are copying the makeup of Korean idols is because they enjoy discovering trendy and original styles. Foreigners, how about trying Korean makeup and finding your own beauty? Enjoy it not as an unfamiliar culture, but as one of the global trends! Continue to discover new trends and enjoy the fun of makeup! 😊

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