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Do the female divers who appear in the recently released drama El Kamtu Samdali really exist?
2024. 2. 14.

Hello, have you seen the Welcome to Samdali drama on Netflix? I've watched all 16 episodes, and as you know, there are a lot of female divers who appear in each episode, right? So today, let’s take a look at whether the concept of haenyeo that you think really exists. Now, let me first explain the concept of haenyeo.

1.The concept of Haenyeo

Haenyeo, registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural umbrella since 2016, are attracting attention as one of the living symbols of Jeju Island. The haenyeo, who make their living through traditional sea hunting, are said to represent the island's unique sea hunting culture. This centuries-old tradition has become a legacy passed down through generations. Jeju’s mermaids are famous for their special skills in sea hunting and communication with the sea. Haenyeo dive without oxygen tanks, using only their own breathing.

2. Characteristics of Haenyeo

Korean mermaids, who learned to swim in the sea from a young age, are famous for their ability to hold their breath for two minutes. They can dive to a depth of 20 meters, especially to collect squid and sea urchins. Haenyeo, who begin working independently at the age of 15 or 16, usually continue working until the age of about 60. Although our lives today are changing with modernization and technological advancements, these women are said to have maintained their traditional hunting ways. We are also making careful efforts to preserve our cultural heritage.

People traveling to Jeju Island have the opportunity to meet female divers and observe their daily lives. Some female divers show off their traditional hunting skills to visitors in impressive displays. I think many foreigners, especially foreigners, have learned about the concept of female divers through the drama Welcome to Samdali. I also looked into the concept of Jeju Island's female divers.

I encourage you all to watch the drama Welcome to Samdali and learn more about the concept of female divers. I think it's a drama that makes us understand that not only the female divers but also small things can ruin our lives, and also that small things can make our lives better. Please watch it once. then,

have a good day. lol

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