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The 2nd My Country Travel Video Contest
2024. 2. 21.


Let me introduce you to the 2nd Naenara Travel Video Contest hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The theme of the contest is a video of a domestic travel destination, and any Korean or foreigner living in Korea can participate. However, winners must participate in travel fairs and stage programs.

1. How to apply

To apply, you must log in to the Travel Button website and fill out the application form. You can submit your prepared video online. The video size you prepare must be 1920-1080 pixels or larger and must be submitted in mp4 format. Please note that the title of the video file you have prepared should be as follows: 2024 Naejeon Exhibition Theme Video_Work Name_Applicant Name. The video must be taken by the applicant himself, and music, images, videos, etc. that may cause production rights issues must not be used. You must first upload the work you have prepared to your account and then enter the video link or account link.

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You must use the tags written above.

The results will be announced on Friday, March 15, 2024 and can be checked through the website or text message.

2.Award details

The recipients will receive a 500,000 won Yanolja gift certificate, the 3 winners will receive a 200,000 won Yanolja gift certificate, and the 5 encouragement award recipients will receive a 100,000 won national tourism gift certificate. We will also give coffee gift certificates to 40 winners. The grand prize winner and three winners will receive a participation support fee of 200,000 won if they participate in the stage program.

3. Entertainment Matters

Entries must be original works that have not won any awards in other contests. If the winner is later confirmed to have won any awards, the award will be canceled and the prize money will be refunded.

Submitted documents will not be returned, and in the case of winning entries, personal information such as the applicant's name may be disclosed.

Entries must not have any legal issues with portrait rights, trademark rights, copyrights (images, videos, sound sources, text, etc.), and if there are concerns of copyright infringement, they will be excluded from the award list. Additionally, in the event of a dispute related to the submitted work, all civil and criminal liability lies with the entrant (copyright holder).

No objection can be raised regarding the composition of the contest judges, evaluation criteria, or evaluation results.

Evaluation scores are not disclosed.

The copyright for the winning work belongs to the entrant, but in connection with the promotion of the 2024 Naenara Travel Expo, the winning work can be used online (posting on the website, reproduction, etc.) and offline (reproduction, distribution, promotional booklets, pamphlets, etc.), and may be used 2 times as necessary. You may modify or transform it and use it as your own work.

Depending on the results of the judging, the number of works awarded may be adjusted or there may be no winning works.

If a work submitted by a foreigner residing in Korea is selected as a candidate for an award, a separate request may be made for supporting documents to verify residence in Korea.

Taxes and fees for products exceeding 50,000 won will be borne by the customer, and product receipt procedures will be individually guided.

Inquiries can be sent to

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