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Oido near Seoul, a day trip to the sea for healing!
2024. 2. 23.

🌊 Hello! For those of you who like to travel, today I will introduce Oido, a great place for a day trip near Seoul. Spend a leisurely day enjoying a healing drive with sea views! 🌅

⭐ Oido Red Lighthouse ⭐

The Oido Red Lighthouse is called the landmark of Oido and stands out with its intense red color and 21m height. This place, which is also famous as a filming location for dramas, is a fishing village and an experiential tourist village, and there is also an observatory that introduces the culture and history of Siheung. Admission is free, and it is closed every Monday.

⭐ Siheung Oido Museum ⭐

It is a museum that preserves and utilizes the Oido ruins where Neolithic era relics were excavated, and has a permanent exhibition of the marine life culture of the Neolithic era. There is also a children's experience play area, making it perfect for a family trip. It is free to visit, but the children's experience room costs 1,000 won.

⭐ Oido Stork Rock Road ⭐

Oido Stork Rock Trail, a 150m long mudflat trail leading to the sea, allows you to enjoy the mudflat ecology during low tide, and enjoy the sea closer by feeling the waves during high tide. It's also great for taking pretty pictures in the photo zone with the cool sea breeze. You can enjoy it for free, but please note that operation may be suspended depending on weather conditions.

⭐ Tree of Life Observatory ⭐

The Tree of Life Observatory, located near Oido Stork Rock Road, is a famous spot with a beautiful sunset and night view. You can enjoy a romantic atmosphere at sunset along with sculptures depicting the history and nature of Oido. It is free to use, and the night view lighting is turned on from sunset to sunrise.

Discover the variety of scenery and things to do in this wonderful Oido! Relax with a day trip and create special moments in Oido. We hope the joy of traveling will be with you, and have a nice trip! 🌟

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