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2024 Makeup Trend: Check out Idol’s Makeup!
2024. 2. 27.

hello everyone! As 2024 begins, interest in makeup is becoming a new trend. As this year is called the Year of the Blue Dragon, new makeup trends are becoming more prominent. Among them, shall we take a look at the 2024 trends discovered through the amazing makeup of female idols?

(왼) 에스파 윈터, 아이브 장원영 (사진출처 : 윈터, 장원영 SNS)

1. Keep paying attention to the glass bead glossy lip!

The glossy lip trend continues from last year. Lip makeup that creates a natural vitality that increases the volume of the lips with gradient and double-layered lips, rather than a moist, springy three-dimensional effect and intense color, is expected to be popular. Expressions close to nude lip colors will also attract attention.

2. Natural skin expression

It is expected that light skin expression will continue to receive attention. Unlike in the past, there is a continuing trend of emphasizing natural skin with natural coverage rather than meticulously covering flaws. A popular makeup style these days is using soft brown shading to create a luxurious clean look.

블랙핑크 제니 (사진출처 : 제니 SNS)

3. Try various eye makeup

On the other hand, various attempts at eye makeup are expected to attract attention. While blue-colored aquamarine makeup is predicted, the colorful and three-dimensional eye line stands out. I think this year's new makeup challenge will begin with this.

4.Natural textured eyebrows

Rather than emphasizing each eyebrow, which has been popular for a while, natural-textured eyebrows are expected to become popular. It is trendy to bring out the natural texture according to the shape of Asian eyebrows and complete base makeup and naturalness at the same time through arched lines. It's one style.

5. Dye both cheeks with doll blusher

In 2024, cheek makeup that dyes both cheeks like a 'doll blusher' is expected to emerge as a trend. Bring life to your face by applying blusher to the center of your cheekbones, and gently blend the edges to create a natural and sophisticated gradient.

(왼) 에스파 카리나, 블랙핑크 지수 (사진출처 : 카리나, 지수 SNS)

This year, makeup that looks natural but gives strength to areas that need to be emphasized is expected to be popular. How about welcoming the new year with a variety of makeup, from unique and bold styles to natural beauty in everyday life? Instead of being obsessed with trends, create great makeup with your own sense. I hope the new year brings you more beauty!

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