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A journey through Korean literature: a special journey following the geography of works
2024. 2. 29.

Foreign students going on a business trip, please enjoy Korea’s beautiful literature and nature. In this article, I will introduce the literary travel courses of several famous authors.

First, let’s go to Pyeongsa-ri, Hadong, the hometown of Park Kyung-ni, the author of ‘Land.’ A walking trip to Agyang Field through Gosung, Choi Champandaek, Maeam Tea Culture Museum, Cho's Old House, and Munamsong will be a special yet ordinary experience. Following the trekking course, you can feel the harmony of mountains, tea, and literature.

Next, shall we go to Tongyeong, the hometown of national poet Cheongma Yoo Chi-hwan? Enjoy the beauty of art at Cheongma Literature Museum, Kim Chun-soo's birthplace, and Nammangsan Sculpture Park, and walk along Cheongma Street to trace the footsteps of famous poets. In particular, don't miss the tourist attractions of Kim Sang-ok's birthplace, Park Gyeong-ni's birthplace, and Yun Isang Street.

We also recommend the Gunsan literature and history course by renowned author Chae Man-sik. You will be able to enjoy the colorful history and culture of Gunsan by visiting Wolmyeong Park, the old Gunsan Customs Office, Jinpo Marine Theme Park, and Chae Man-sik Literature Museum.

Also included is a Gangwon-do nature and literature course by Lee Hyo-seok, author of ‘When Buckwheat Flowers Bloom’. This is a course where you can travel slowly and enjoy relaxation through a simple woodworking experience, a dyeing experience, and forest commentary.

Lastly, we introduce the Jiri Mountain trail course by Choi Myung-hee, author of the epic novel ‘Honbul’. A walk along the beautiful nature of Jiri Mountain will be a time of healing and purification.

Follow these wonderful travel courses and experience the beauty of Korean literature and nature. You will be able to enjoy healing and enjoyment even during your business trip. enjoy your trip!

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