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Self-snap photo trip to Jeju Island, introducing the BEST 4 attractions for international students!
2024. 3. 4.

hello everyone! Today, I will introduce you to a friendly yet cool selfie spot in Jeju Island. All international students going to Jeju Island, please include this in your travel plans! 🌴📸

1. Songdang soft anvil

This is Songdangkkeunmoru, quiet yet beautiful, on the east side of Jeju. Here, where you can see the uphill and fields between the tall trees, you can take great photos like you're the main character in a fairy tale. If you stand in the center of the frame and look at the scenery, you can get a photo that captures the beauty of nature. Please note that as the place in the photo became famous, there were also Andor and Interforestra cafes in front of the photo zone!

2. Dodubong Kiss Zone

Dodubong is one of the closest oreums to Jeju Airport, and at the top there is a kisses photo zone created by nature. The kissing zone has a high contrast between bright and dark areas, so you need to use a camera with a filter or adjust the exposure point to take pictures. At the top, the blue sea of ​​Jeju spreads out, and you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset at sunset.

3. Bijarim-ro

Bijarim-ro is one of the tourist courses in Jeju Island that is great for driving and healing. Here, during the season when hydrangeas are in full bloom, the scenery in the photo unfolds with a beautiful flower path. If you are a leisurely traveler, get off at the Bijarim bus stop and enjoy taking pictures along the easy walking path!

4. Saemulkkak (Jeju Rainbow Road & Heart Tree)

The last place to introduce is Saemulkkak, which has a rainbow road and a heart tree. I remember visiting the rainbow road because it was so beautiful, and I also took a picture of the heart tree I happened to find. The photos taken while posing under the heart tree and crossing the rainbow road will be remembered as natural photos of your life. You can get even better photos, especially if you choose a clear day with blue skies and floating clouds.

This is how I introduced you to Jeju’s beautiful attractions. I hope you all have wonderful moments during your trip to Jeju, and have a nice trip! 🌈✨

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