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Exciting stories in the 2024 Netflix Korean work lineup, the ‘best choice’ for international students!
2024. 3. 6.

Hello, international students! The Netflix lineup for you in 2024 has been released. This season includes a variety of Korean works, so expectations are rising.

The first work to be introduced is ‘The Bequeathed’. This work, which begins with the death of his uncle, is a story about the main character who inherits a prenatal inheritance and gets caught up in sinister events. Director Yeon Sang-ho, famous for works such as 'Train to Busan', 'Jungi', and 'Hell', is in charge of planning and script, and is unfolding an unpredictable story.

출처 : 넷플릭스

And 'Badland Hunters' is an action blockbuster that depicts the story of living in a lawless world where power rules in a ruined world. The action movie 'Wilderness' with Ma Dong-seok is expected to work together with the series 'Crime City', and the meeting with director Myung-haeng Heo promises refreshing action pleasure.

In addition, 'A Killer Paradox' is a work that tells the story of an ordinary man and a detective who accidentally start killing, and is based on the webtoon of the same name by author Little Bi, who attracted attention for his cute drawing style and shocking storytelling. . Choi Woo-sik is attempting a powerful image transformation with the role of Yi-tang.

출처 : 넷플릭스

And 'Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany', hosted by Shin Dong-yeop and Seong Si-kyung, is a talk variety show that explores sex and characters in the adult culture industry, traveling across Japan and Taiwan. It deals with various sexual cultures.

Meanwhile, 'My Name is Loh Kiwan' is a touching work depicting the story of Ki-wan, a North Korean defector who arrived in Belgium with the last hope of life, and Marie, a woman who has lost her reason for living. This work with Song Joong-ki is a new and unprecedented transformation. I'm looking forward to it.

출처 : 넷플릭스

In addition, various works are waiting for you, including ‘Physical: 100’ Season 2, ‘The 8 Show’, and ‘Parasite: The Gray’. I hope you have a great time enjoying Korean works on Netflix, and I'm always looking forward to new news! Let’s enjoy great works together! 🌟

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