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Seoul's Sweet Delights: 5 Best Bakeries to Quench Your Thirst
2024. 3. 7.

Hello, friends who love bread and desserts! For those of you who are international students in Seoul and like sweet things, I have news for you. Seoul is a great city for bakery hunting, with many wonderful bakeries filled with fresh bread and soft cakes. Among them, we will introduce you to the five best ones. Join us on this delicious journey!

1. The Baker's Table

The first place to introduce is Baker's Table, run by Micha Lichter, a pastry chef from Germany. He started as a pastry chef at Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas in 1990 and has been making the best bread and sweet cakes in Seoul at his café, Baker's Table, since 2012. In addition to looking for ingredients for toast or bread at home, this place is ideal for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

2. Maybell Bakery

Maybelle Bakery, a little gem located in Hannam-dong, is one of the places that specifically offers vegan options. It's good if you go after 11 o'clock. A variety of vegan breads are waiting for you, including freshly baked cranberry rye bread, rosemary rye bread, and grain rye bread. But hurry because the fresh bread sells out quickly!

3. Wood and Brick

If you're looking for a cozy atmosphere, Wood & Brick, one of the city's smaller chains, is a fantastic choice. It is famous not only for its delicious bread and pastries, but also for its homemade macarons. Seoul's diverse expat community also loves the variety of cheeses, olive oils, and canned foods sold here.

4. Tous Les Jours

Touré Genre with locals is one of the popular bakery chains in Seoul offering a wide range of breads, pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. It is famous for its high-quality ingredients and delicious flavor.

5. Paris Baguette

Lastly, you can't miss Paris Baguette, a perfect combination of Korean and French baking traditions. You can enjoy a rich menu including bread, pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. Highly recommended, especially their pastries.

Seoul’s bakery scene is diverse and vibrant, offering a taste of international flavours. If you're looking for German bread or vegan desserts, these five places will meet your expectations.

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