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How to apply for the 2024 Government Scholarship GKS and some tips
2024. 3. 10.

Long time no see. How have you been? I also had so many assignments that it was hectic. The weather is still cold, so be careful not to catch a cold. Hahaha, today I'm going to talk about government scholarships for graduate school, but if you're going to apply through the embassy first, check the notices on the embassy's website, or if you've decided on the university you want to apply to, go to the university's website and check the notices.

Since those who are applying know what government scholarships are, I will talk about them right away without further explanation.

1- Should I apply through the embassy? Should I apply through university screening?

As you all know, there are two methods: university screening and embassy screening. If you are confident about the university you want to apply to and have carefully selected the department you want to apply for, I recommend applying through the university screening process. However, if you are considering a few universities or a few departments, you can apply through the embassy. That would be good. Dates may vary depending on the country, but if you apply through the embassy, ​​you must submit documents faster and preparation time is shorter. However, if you apply through the university screening process, of course, the university screening process varies from university to university, but the period is longer than applying through the embassy screening process. This is longer, so prepare well before submitting. We recommend that you keep this in mind when applying.

2-Do I need a certificate of English or Korean proficiency?

no. However, I think the exchange rate is likely to fall. If you have a certificate of English or Korean language proficiency, you will have additional points and your score will be higher than others, so the exchange rate for passing in the first round will be higher, right? If you still want to apply, you can. There is no rule that says it must be there. However, it is a good idea to go to the website of the department you are applying for and check. Each university has different regulations, and there are also regulations that require you to obtain a minimum TOPIK level 4 when applying to a certain department. Also, if the course is taught in English, you will need a certificate of English proficiency. Therefore, you need to choose the department and school you wish to apply for very carefully. hehe

3- What happens if I pass but change my mind and decide not to go?

It's a little different this year. Until last year, successful applicants had the opportunity to change their minds and reapply next year, but this year, the rules have changed, so if you passed but don't want to go and change your mind, you can't reapply next year. Please note.

Yes, I have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Please read it carefully and refer to it.

You can also check the site below for more detailed information. lol

So have a nice day.

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