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Exploring unique activities in Jeju Island: A special trip with a variety of experiences
2024. 3. 15.

hello! For international students preparing to travel to Jeju Island, we will introduce you to unique Jeju activities. Jeju itself is a place full of beautiful nature and special experiences. Let’s take a look at the various activities we can enjoy together.

The first is the “off-road experience”! This is a special experience where you can experience Jeju’s nature while driving an off-road vehicle. It consists of a variety of courses and vehicle types, so you can choose a program that suits your personal taste. Prices vary, from cheap to private experiences.

I also highly recommend the Hallasan soju factory tour. You can directly experience the history and production process of Hallasan soju. It is offered at various rates from minors to adults, making it perfect for enjoying with family or friends.

If you want to heal your body and mind in Jeju's beautiful natural environment, a yoga class would be a good choice. How about relieving your travel fatigue by doing yoga in nature? There are a variety of classes, so choose the one that suits you. The price is cheap, so you can participate easily.

You can also enjoy unique experiences such as the female diver experience, camel experience, kart racing, and transparent kayak experience. Becoming a female diver and collecting seafood at sea or exploring Jeju’s nature on a camel are truly special. It would be fun to enjoy high-speed racing in a kart or travel under the sea in a transparent kayak!

In addition, I definitely recommend a submarine tour or horseback riding experience. In addition to adventures in the sea, exploring nature on horseback will also be a wonderful experience. Create special moments in Jeju!

We hope you have a great time participating in Jeju's diverse activities, and we hope that your trip will be a special and unforgettable memory. enjoy your trip! 🌴✨

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