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Trot fever and the power of generational change
2024. 3. 26.

hello everyone! Today I would like to talk about Trot, which is very popular in Korea. Have you ever heard of Trot? If not, don't worry! I will share interesting information as we learn together.

First of all, what is Trot? In English, it is called 'Trot' and means trot, canter, or gait. This term refers to a brisk walk or being busy all day, but musically, it refers to a song sung with a light heart.

Trot is also a special genre that contains Korean history and culture. For example, in the past, people were comforted by soothing their wounds caused by foreign invasions and wars. That's why there are many songs in trot that contain deep emotions and identity.

But there is not just one reason why Trot is so loved. Recently, a trend called ‘Newtro’ is playing a big role in increasing the popularity of Trot. This means a combination of new and retro, and refers to a modern reinterpretation of something that was popular in the past. This trend has made trot more colorful.

In particular, the younger generation is also very interested in trot these days. In the past, it was thought that music was only enjoyed by older people, but now with the emergence of younger singers, the atmosphere has changed a lot. These singers are making trot more familiar to the public.

And the ‘fansumer’ culture is spreading in Trot. This means that fans support their favorite singers while also directly participating in their music and activities. The passion of these fans is further increasing Trot’s popularity!

In addition, middle-aged people called the ‘OPAL (Old People with Active Live) generation’ are also playing a big role in increasing the popularity of trot. They are interested in various cultural activities to enjoy their lives, and trot is one of them.

Lastly, with the revival of B-class sensibility, trot is also becoming more vibrant. Trot, which was once considered an unfashionable image, is now a culture loved by various generations.

In summary, trot is a special music genre that embodies Korean history and culture, and is popular among various generations. Newtro trends, fansumer culture, and the interest of the Opal generation are further increasing the popularity of Trot.

How about always enjoying new culture and music, and falling into the charm of trot together? I hope you have a great time sharing music together! 😊✨

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